Never settle … for anything… in any aspect of life or love.

You should always listen to your mother. She is rarely wrong and will likely be among the only people in life who will tell you the truth regardless of whether you want to hear it . You will fight with your family, often, but forgive quickly and genuinely. Family is a blessing in life. They are made up of everything that makes you. They might be the only family you have by your side.

Find a good man. You will know he is the right one when you eventually realize that no man in life will compare to him. And no one will love you as unconditionally as he does.

Do everything in your power to achieve that life you can see right in front of you. Now you might be surrounded by the skeptics and haters, but remember that they don’t know you.

One day you will love truly. One day you will love deeply. Because when you love, you give everything.

You are going to make some terrible mistakes in life, with boys, and with friends. You may always be poor. You may always be a mess. But life is messy and you have to roll with the punches. Never run from an adventure. Embrace the unknown and remember it is never too late to change. You will change so much in this journey we call life. The only constant is change. It is going to be just wonderful.

God Bless You … You Beautiful Mess.


“Stay Green”