Hello Everyone! So after a couple of really long and really busy days, my feet stink! Well… they did stink. My feet don’t stink now. I wore the same shoes for 3 days without socks. This made my feet really stink, even after washing them. In this article, I will tell you exactly how to fix your smelly feet from what I call “Perma-Stink” feet.

Feet Have Sweat Glands

Feet have lots of sweat glands. When you reach puberty, they can really go into overdrive. Especially if they’re trapped in shoes all day.

Then, not only do your feet go into overdrive sweating, but then you don’t wear socks because your shoes don’t look cute with socks. Then there’s nothing to help absorb the sweat and stink. Your feet literally sit and marinate in that stinky sweat and begins to just smell awful.

First, try these easy preventative tips to help keep your feet from stinking or beginning to just smell awful.

Six Tips to Prevent Stinky Feet

1. Wash your feet every single day. Dry them carefully. Be sure to get between your toes really well.

2. After washing your feet, use a “foot deodorant” or a non-toxic absorbent powder. Many people use talc, but research suggests that there may be health risks to long term use of talc powder. I recommend using a corn starch based baby powder. The theory is, if it’s based on a food, and they put it on babies… well… hopefully it won’t hurt me. If it does, they are hurting babies too 🙁

3. Wear clean socks (or even tights) every single time you wear shoes. Yeah I know… I already said I didn’t do this because my shoes don’t look cute with socks. But that doesn’t mean I can’t include it as a tip to keep your feet from stinking. Because really… it helps prevent smell feet.

4. Wear socks with all natural fibers that allows your feet to breathe and stay dry. Breathable cotton socks can really help keep your feet dry and therefore help keep you from having stinky feet!

5. Utilize Foot Liners with built-in desiccation and deodorization. These foot liners will actually absorb moisture. Lots of it. Some of them will work for months. We can thank chemistry for this gift to our feet.

6. Go barefoot whenever possible. This has to be one of my favorite tips. Many parents and adults try to overprotect their children by always making them wear shoes. This can lead to not only stinky feet, but also to foot fungus. Oftentimes, foot fungus can be very harmful, uncomfortable, painful, and hard to get rid of. Being barefoot is natural and allows your feet to breathe and stay dry all the time.

My Stinky Feet Potion – How to Get Rid of Smelly Feet

Now that we’ve covered some prevention, we will discuss getting rid of that horrible smell after you allow your feet to get stinky! This can even get rid of Perma-Stink! Try this fabulous foot spray to keep feet smelling sweet!

This is a type of Tea Tree foot spray that I make myself.

Tea tree oil has natural antibacterial properties. Also, you know how we talked about how fungus likes to grow on your feet? Well… tea tree oil is also considered an anti-fungal oil that is very powerful against athlete’s foot and other dermal infections (dermal means skin).  The lemon juice is acidic and is used as a natural preservative for your Stinky Feet Potion. Essentially it keeps the other ingredients from oxidizing.


4 teaspoons (or 20ml) of fresh lemon juice

5 tablespoons ( or 75ml) of vodka / ethanol

4 tablespoons (60ml) of distilled water (filtered is fine too)

2 drops of lemon essential oil (be careful with this stuff when concentrated)

5 drops of tea tree oil

Mix this all together in a spray bottle. Shake well before each use.

Use this treatment every morning and every night to clean your feet. Thoroughly spray your feet and allow to sit for 60 seconds. Then wipe off with a towel. Do this after washing your feet during bath time! Do this every day until your feet no longer stink. You can also continue to use it as a prevention for stinky feet.

After trying this out, let me know how it turns out in the comments below. Thanks for reading.




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