Hello Green Girls! Happy Fall! I hope you had a fun, refreshing weekend and are ready to start a new busy week. As for myself, I had a very relaxing weekend. I thought this weekend should be relaxing because I was in home visiting family for the weekend. I will also be home visiting family this weekend as well.

Holidays are Coming!

Lots of going back and forth.  The Holidays are coming up as well so that means even more family time! I’m excited about that. Over the weekend I visited family, watched some old Halloween movies, studied, and worked on getting my website setup. I’m really excited about launching my new website. I’m hoping that all of you guys like it. I could use the support! It’s not easy trying to start a website, go to college, work in retail, and still make time for family.

It’s Not Easy to Start a Website, Go to College, Work, and Make Time for Family

I’m really getting excited about fall and am really liking this college girl, casual, smart look I keep seeing. I have always been a fan of casual smart looks on men, but on women it just looks fantastic. Even though I love smart looks, I don’t dress this way much. Here in Oklahoma, people just prefer wearing sweats and sports gear most of the time.

Image of Red Bull and Skim Milk Lunch

This was my lunch on Monday…

The other day I found myself having a Red Bull and Skim Milk for lunch. It took me having a Red Bull and Skim Milk for lunch for me to realize that I’m too busy. It’s Fall. It’s my favorite time of year and I can’t enjoy it the way I want to. Oh well. I’m happy anyway. And as the Starks always say… “Winter is Coming…”

What are you ladies wearing this fall?